Motivation and Discipline

Throughout my teaching practice I try to model my behavior to be the person I want my students to become.  I want all my students to feel that they are in a safe and nurturing environment where they are encouraged to explore their creativity.  Mistakes are meant to be learned from. By setting limits and expectations students are empowered to make choices.


  • To provide students with the opportunity to develop creative skills and competency in materials and techniques with multiple visual art media.
  • To stimulate and train visual awareness, perception and critical thinking skills
  • To make connections between art and historical and contemporary cultures
  • To empower students to discover and develop visual expression through the analysis of their work and the work of others.

Student Expectations & Responsibilities

  • Be prepared.
    • Be on time with all necessary materials
    • Ready to work
  • Be respectful.
    • To classmates and instructor
    • Raise hand for assistance
    • Work in a manner which is not distract others
  • Take care of all tools and materials.
    • Participate in clean up
    • Use tools and materials for intended purpose without waste
    • Return items to their appropriate place

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Prepare developed and organized lessons
  • Model appropriate behaviors
  • Focus on strengths and positive behaviors
  • Establish consistent and fair consequences