Shepard Fairey by Brett Novak – The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

Went to Halsey today to check out The Insistent Image:  Recurrent Motifs in the Art of Shepard Fairey and Jasper Johns.  This was an amazing exhibition.  The reoccurring pattern motifs used throughout Fairey’s work are brilliant.  Shepard Fairey by Brett Novak – The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art.


Resin Pianting

I’ve started my first resin painting. First I hollowed out the pages of an old book to create a frame. Next I collaged a background and then placed twigs on top of the collage before pouring the first layer of resin. Next I plan to paint leaf foliage and other details before pouring another layer of resin. Fingers crossed!

The Iran Job

Tonight I went the screening of The Iran Job  at the Halsey.  This was a fantastic film.  As and art teacher, I especially enjoyed the part where Kevin Sheppard was able to communicate with his building superintendent through drawing.  Art is a a visual language!  You can check it out on Netflix.